Below are a few pictures of a Burr Oak davenport which was made as a commission piece - This shows the construction of this piece from start to finish.

The wood for this project is quite unusual and rare being Brown burr oak. Brown oak is the result of the beefsteak mushroom growing on the oak and over time the tree reacts to its unwanted guest its timber naturally darkening. Quality English brown oak is very difficult to get hold of and Burr timber even more elusive.

I have had the timber I am using in store for some time waiting for a project like this one.

The timber is very hard and regular sharpening of the tools is required

This is the flat top surface which will be hinged to the top of the carcase and is edged as shown below with a traditional thumbnail profile

So the top section of the desk is now looking like this :-

20th February 2012 The front and rear framed sections are now made and I left them in cramps for the glue to cure when I left the workshop today

I also prepared the columns ready for turning, the centre sections were bulked up with burr oak to give added width to the centre of the columns.

21st February 2012 busy day again today - the main carcase is now complete

There will be a cupboard on the left hand side and a bank of four drawers on the Right

I also got the door made and cut in ready for hinging

Tomorrow I will try and get the front columns and bun feet turned and it will hopefully then start looking like the finished article

22nd February 2012 - got on with the columns today and turned a matched pair ready for fitting

I managed to get these fitted so the Davenport is really starting to look complete.

23rd February 2012 - feet turned and fitted, cupboard door hinged and cock bead moulding applied to lower section of top - Starting drawers tomorrow

24th February 2012 - Today I completed making the drawers that I started yesterday evening and hand turned the knobs not only for the drawers but also the door on the opposite side. The construction of the Oak parts of the Davenport are now complete.

28th February 2012 - Have today started making the internals working on the rise and fall section at the rear of the desk - these sections will be make in English Lacewood to give a real contrast to the burr oak once its polished.

29th February 2012 Have been working on the internal sections of the Davenport today which are all being made in English Lacewood

1st march 2012 Getting near the end of the construction now, the small drawer section inside the top has been completed and the internal lining made for the cupboard - Photos below also show close up detail of the lacewood grain.

Well the polishing is now complete and the Davenport is finished with the exception of a few small fittings